Peek Into My Journal...

Today I'm sharing a peek into my own journal/Smashbook/binder of joy (click here to learn how to DIY your own). I'm super pleased with its progress and the whole creative process in general. There's never a dull moment while I journal. It's always so relaxing for me. I don't know why. Something about handling paper and seeing how it all fits together is therapeutic and fun all at once. Go figure!

Here is the first page and subsequent pages...Nothing like starting out a journal with a picture of a zebra with a glittery silver bow! Am I right?
Hope you enjoyed these peeks into my journal! Expect more soon! :)


  1. Looks very pretty. Must say I really enjoy your blog cause I am about to start with planner my self and maybe journal, so this can be a very good inspiration to follow you and se all nice thing you doing:)

  2. Oh my gosh, if I had a minute of free time I would make one of these! :-) I always loved scrapbooking when I was growing up... this is such a great way to journal/scrapbook. Yours is so pretty!


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