My New Planner

I'm super excited to share what I've been working on bit by bit this past week. I purchased a planner during the perpetually tempting, annual Back to School sales. Like...I just want to buy school supplies forever and ever. And I didn't have one because mostly I use my iPhone calendar. (What do you use to organize your life? ) So, I got this polka-dotted planner at Walmart! Can you believe it? I'm super impressed with their simple designs. They're kind of harder to find than you'd think.

Anywho... Coupled with my latest pretty snail mail obsession, this planner sort of came to life on its own. It all started with me saving scraps from letters to my penpals... Throw in a bottle of brand new rubber cement to the equation and suddenly I had an art journal slash planner that rocks my retinas . It might be a little dizzying guys, but I absolutely LOVE it. I honestly suspect the inside of my brain looks very similar. Glitter, gold, stripes, and a sprinkle of Kawaii cuteness? Yup. Sounds about right.

So here it is. I had so much fun working on it. Ultimately, I really hope I stick to this and share my weekly entries with you all.


PS. Those Kokeshi doll clips were a blast to make... Like.. I was dying from the cuteness... Here is the template for the dolls if you'd like to make something totally adorable...

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