Doodle-dandee Weekend!

I had thee best weekend! What did I do? Spontaneous trip to San Diego? Nope. Disneyland adventure extravaganza? Nah. (Although that would've been magical!) I actually just stayed home and did nothing. Okay, not nothing. I did all things crafty. Mostly I organized my crafts/scrapbook suitcase thing. It looks like a small carryon. You know the kind. Anywho. I cleaned that... I blogged two days in a row (here and here)... I made some things for my penpals.... I took some pictures... Aaaand I completed an illustration I started a few months back. FINALLY!

It's been a while since I've illustrated by hand using actual pencils. Mostly I've been drawing digital doodles on my iPad, so it was nice to hold the weight of a drawing tool and not my stylus. If I messed up I felt it more. Does that make sense? I couldn't just click "Undo" like on the drawing app I use. I had to pick up an eraser and put some elbow grease into it. It meant more. Or maybe doodling in the shadow of a pretty bouquet of roses from my garden made everything feel more inspiring? Yeah. That's it.

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  1. sometimes weekends like those are the best!
    i love your illustration btw! i've been trying to get off the computer more and doodle/sketch with actual art supplies! It can be so relaxing and therapeutic sometimes!


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