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Last week I shared my planner and all it's unplanner-like glory. The thing looks like an art journal basically. And I guess it is. I was having so much fun with collaging and documenting my week, that I thought it would be an even better idea to buy a Smashbook. So I went to Target to look at their selection but it was a bit...disappointing. The covers were all very similar and some downright garish. I searched online, but it was the same story there too. (Those covers are in desperate need of special collaborators. Just sayin'!) However, the inside is a different story. I love their little inserts, stamps, and special papers available for purchase.

Turns out I couldn't settle on any particular Smashbook, so I decided to make my own. I mean, isn't a Smashbook basically a happy book filled with pretty papers, journal prompts, and photographs? I could make that! I purchased an adorable Greenroom mini-binder (available at Target) to get started. And friends, they just don't get any cuter! I filled it with pretty scrapbook papers and now I have my own little Smashbook/journal ready to be filled with more things I love! You can make one too!

Here's what you'll need:

-1 Mini Binder (available at select Targets or you could always use a standard size binder)
-Standard size, single Hole Punch
-Scrapbook Papers
-Lined or graph paper (about 10 sheets)
Any sort of filler paper will work.
-Scissors or a papercutter
-Washi tape or any other kind of embellishments

Basically you'll want to cut all your decorative and filler papers to the size of the binder. The binder dimensions are 7.25" W x 9.0"L You will want to make your papers a tad smaller than the dimensions of the binder. I suggest cutting them 7"x 8.5".

Once the papers are cut to the proper size you will want to hole punch them and put them in the sequence you want. Then VOILA! Your own Smashbook/journal/binder of joy :) It will look like this:

Of course the best part is filling each page with text, magazine clippings, postcards, more pretty paper, pictures, stickers, and even fancy paperclips. I JUST started mine and I'm already having a blast. In fact, I will be sharing its progress here on my blog. I suggest you join me by making your own ;) #janettejournals

PS. Here's a peek, please tuned for more.

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  1. Awesome smash book! I think yours looks better than the ones that can be bought because its personalized and unique.


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