Affordable DIY Stickers

Here's an amazing "how did I not think about this before" tip on DIY stickers.... I wanted to print some pretty ephemera and clipart to include in my planner cause gluing everything was getting quite tedious and sticky. Solution? Print some images on sticker paper. But instead of buying a pack sticker sheeets and some color ink refills for my printer, I headed to my local FedEx/print shop. Once there, the friendly staff printed my clipart (which I had "collected" in a Word doc) on a FULL SIZE MAILING LABEL. Instant stickers! Each sheet was about $1.50. Not bad, right? You should give it a try...

PS. If you're wondering where I got the images, I simply googled "free printables". More like..went on Pinterest and searched "Free Printables". Totally checked for personal use licenses and everything. There are enough cute freebies to last a lifetime! No joke.

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  1. I have got to try this. First though, I need to remember it! Lol.


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