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Janette DIH. Yup. Janette Did It Herself! That's what I've been doing lately. Making stuff and taking names. I get in these weird moods where I just feel like creating something...anything! From crafts and art to food and pillows. These creative episodes come full force and I give in and tumble head first into all kinds of projects. But don't worry for me.  These  DIY moments are fleeting and of very short duration. Like, I'm already over it and it's only been a week! Here are some things I've been making:
Top to Bottom. Left to Right.

1. Dinner Table Tray: Our dinner table doubles as a homework center, so I like to be able to clear away our napkins and salt and pepper shakers in one fell swoop. This tray makes it the easiest! I just bought a clear plastic tray (from the Dollar Store) and spray painted it white. Voila!

2. Fruit-Infused  Water: I've been obsessively drinking fruit infused waters lately. And this one is probably my favorite. It's just raspberries, blueberries, ice, and water. Soo refreshing.

3. Accessory Display: I took a few thumbtacks to display some of my favorite accessories. Usually my accessories are stored in a box in a random drawer. Out of sight, out of mind. But then I forget that I have certain things to work into my outfits. This helps remind me to use what I have.

4.Coffee Table Tray: Our coffee table also doubles as another homework center (Lovey is always doing homework all over the house! Haha!). This tray is easy to pick up and place on the ground while Lovey finishes his work. Finally put this thing together!

5. Banana  Dairy-free "Ice Cream": Place frozen bananas in food processor, add cocoa powder, and a splash of almond milk. Instant tasty summer treat!

6. T-Shirt Pillow: My favorite shirt died when I accidentally dried it. I almost cried, it was the cutest thing. Lovey said I should make it into a pillow. (I love his crafty ways!) So I did. Thanks for the idea Lovey!

7. Peony flower crown: All you need is a hot glue gun, wire, ribbon, and some fake flowers. Shape the wire into a crown shape, wrap it with ribbon, and glue the heck out of it with some pretty peonies.

8. Framed chalkboard: Chalkboard spray paint is the greatest invention since air conditioning. I love it! I just spray painted the glass part of a picture frame and voila!

9. Mango/Watermelon/ Blueberry water: Yeah. That's a mouthful, but it's super yummy. Just cut up the fruit and toss it into a pitcher with ice and water. Let it sit for a few hours so the water can soak up the flavors.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you've been up to or if you've made anything lately...

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  1. I'm totally gonna do 3, 6, and 8. Just bought a sewing machine. Gonna think of some projects after Labor Day.


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