Janette the Doodler

These past two weeks I've had extra time on my hands. My workplace is getting a full remodel, so the boss and I do our work at lightning speed and then head home to avoid the noxious paint fumes...I'm home a little after noon! What have I been doing with my extra time? I've been ironing clothes like crazy (because, why not?), cleaning ceiling fans (this stuff makes me happy, for reals), and doodling. Lots of doodling.

Last month, I was feasting on books during my free time. This month, I've decided to nurture my creative side and make some art. Nothing too serious. Just some fun digital sketches compliments of my increasing love of the Sketchbook X App. Here's some things I've been experimenting with...

^^^Some handwritten fun!^^^
^^^A lady with flower eyes.^^^
^^^And a portrait of Lovey and I!^^^
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  1. I need to start doodling on my iPad. This looks like a lot of fun!!! Sometimes I don't feel up to making a real post... but a doodle? Heck yes!


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