Birthday Girl!

It seems as the years progress, the less exciting my birthday becomes. Do you feel the same way? I used to host birthday parties for myself practically every year.  After my 21st, birthdays just didn't have the same magic and luster. It's a tell-tale sign of getting old and ornery, I guess! Anywho, this year my birthday was.....nice. It wasn't spectacular, it wasn't uneventful, or even boring. It was just... nice. The way I want birthdays to be from now on...

I got to sleep in and Lovey woke me up to a table full of presents and a birthday pie (I'm not a fan of birthday cake.) We ate a slice of pie for breakfast and lounged around all morning. I read, did laundry, and talked to my family and friends as the birthday texts and calls came in. In the late afternoon we went to Chris & Pitts for dinner. C & P is a delightful BBQ place that gives you ginormous and delicious portions for a decent price. I hadn't been there in YEARS, so it was extra tasty. After a ribby dinner, we went to Porto's (BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD) to pick out some pretty treats. (Guys! Find out if there's a Porto's near you. You can thank me later!) And finally our evening concluded at home with some Netflix. Epitome of a nice birthday, right?

Tell me how you like to celebrate your birthday in the comments below!

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  1. It sounds like you had a truly relaxed, awesome birthday. Plenty of time to take it easy, eat some delicious food and enjoy the day just how you wanted. That's how I like to spend mine now too ^_^


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