Summer Getaway

Summer is just a few days away, and I'm kind of happy because thus far the temps have been mild and Spring-like. Of course this means that Fall will be late, yet again. But instead of being grumpy about that I'm going to focus on all the good things summer holds... Like BBQs and beach days and... SUMMER GETAWAYS! Looks like this season will be full of fun travels (Lordwilling!) for this blogerette! Plus, not only is my birthday coming up, Lovey and I are heading into our 6th year of happily ever after (Check out what we did for our 5 year anniversary). Woo howdy! Time flies, I tell ya!

So I guess the following Polyvore board is an inspiration slash checklist for my upcoming trips. Apparently, I'm going to warm places, guys! Also, I love making hypothetical outfits. Don't you?


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