Life with Lovey: Les Miserables Musical

It all started when we saw Newsies in New York. Lovey and I's first musical as a couple. It was fated that I watch his first musical with him, in NY of all places! And since that day we've committed to being those [cool] people . The ones that may or may not have purchased season tickets to our local performing art center. Since Newsies we've seen The Book of Mormon...which was....was...was... Gosh! It pains me to say it, but it was friggin' genius. Anyway. This past weekend we saw Les Miserables and it was pure amazingness. I've only read the book and during English class in HS we watched snippets of the Liam Neeson movie version. I can honestly say I had no idea what the musical would be like. It was all genuinely a pleasant surprise. I was practically in tears throughout the whole performance. The singing was phenomenal and the story and the characters... GAH! Soo great! Now I have to go see the recent movie version with Anne Hathaway.
What musicals have you watched and recommend? I desperately need Thoroughly Modern Millie to somehow come back on tour because that's probably one of my favorites and I think Lovey would love it! SOO GOOD!

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  1. I saw Newsies last year in New York and it was -so- fantastic! The very first musical I saw on stage was Les Miserables in London and it just blew me away ^_^ My all-time favourite was South Pacific though, the songs are fantastic and there wasn't a dry eye in the house by the end.


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