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I know I've mentioned it before...I LOVE WEDDINGS! I know I've also mentioned that wedding registries can throw me off a bit. No one likes to gift something without putting a little thought into it. And with wedding registries it can be easy to do that. In the past I've been guilty of buying a gift solely based on what fits my budget (Not that that's a bad thing). But I was getting to the point where I wouldn't even look at the item name on the registry. I would just zero in on prices and decide from there. "Oh here's something for $50. What is it? Eh, a first aid kit?" Womp. Womp. So impersonal and not the best way to go about gift buying.

Since teaming up with #TargetWedding, I've become more conscious about how to approach gift registries in general. And I've learned that registries can be both personal, unique, and thoughtful. Today, I'm going to share a gift idea that can be paired with a few simple items for a unique wedding gift.

Lets say the Happy Couple is registered for a fancy BBQ grill  for their new space. Obviously, this girl can't afford to purchase an item like that, but I can purchase BBQ "accessories" or maybe items that the couple will use in the future to host a summer BBQ. Like this Menu Chalkboard. This fun chalkboard can be used during parties and adds personal touch to any event. I would even venture to write a cute quote on the front to personalize it even further. Also, I would include a table cloth, some decorative drink containers, and twinkle lights. These personal touches would complement the BBQ/patio area and would contribute to the liveliness of a backyard bash.

Remember, registries don't have to be impersonal. Don't choose a gift based on only what's most convenient for your pocketbook. Think creatively and outside of the box. There's nothing better than receiving a well-thought out gift. It shows you truly care.


G  I  V  E  A  W  A  Y
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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own.


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