5 Thoughts: Fault in Our Stars Movie

So I finally saw Fault in Our Stars. And I was kind of excited about the whole thing because this was the first time I had read the book before watching the movie adaptation. Lovey and I went to see this flick with our favorite newlyweds last week. We had dinner at their place and then sauntered over to the movieplex because our pals are the coolest and live right across the street from the theater. I think Lovey and my friend's husband were the only guys there. No joke. I know they secretly enjoyed themselves though because they kept nudging each other and making comments throughout the whole thing. I think they were trying to distract themselves from possibly crying. Haha! Anywho. Here are 5 thoughts on the movie. Not of much importance, these thoughts...But 5 thoughts nonetheless:

1. I didn't swoon over Augustus Waters. Probably because I'm practically old enough to be his mother and he reminded me of my nephew.  I just wanted to pinch his chubby cheekies the whole time >.<

2. The movie was spot on with the book. I kept thinking, "Are these cats even using a script? It sounds like they're reading right out of the book!" As a result of this, I think the dialog in some of the scenes felt a little...terse? But maybe that's not the right word. Regardless it was very enjoyable!

3. As I mentioned before, Isaac's story arc makes me the saddest. Go figure. I didn't cry as much as I thought I was going to during the film's saddest scenes, but I definitely couldn't hold it back during Isaac's Pre-Funeral Eulogy speech. The "robot eyes" thing totally gets me every time. (Anyone else?)

4. The color-mood of the film threw me off a bit. Like in photography, the colors and tones used in movies are obviously chosen to promote a certain emotional experience. You can tell the difference between a horror flick and a romantic comedy simply by looking at color tones. The thing about FIOS is that it didn't give a clue as to what direction the movie was headed (unless you had already read the story). The colors were very true to life, calming, and even cheery in some scenes. I loved the contrast it created with the plot and characters. It reminded me that each of our lives, however tragic or beautiful, plays out under the same bright sun.

5. As depressing as this film was, it actually made me super thankful for my life and body. After it was done, I decided to run back to our car. I grabbed Lovey's hand and started taking off in the direction of the parking lot. I only said, "We're running to our car because we can." He usually objects to my wacky antics, but that night he didn't. He just held my hand and we ran together.

I think you should share some thoughts with me now. Go for it.

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