Spring Nails

Spring nail colors are probably my favorite colors ever born! I love having a pop of cheery color to look upon throughout the day. It literally changes my mood when I see something bright on my nails. I call it a color caffeine buzz. (Are you the same way?) This week I'm donning Purple Fizz from Gap. Firstly, I had NOOO idea Gap even made nail polish...Secondly, I can't even remember the last time I went to GAP! (Can you?) And thirdly, I only paid $2 for it. (Score!)

The formula is a bit translucent, but two coats was all it took to get the actual color right. Also, it lacked a little luster, so I topped it off with some extra shiny topcoat (not a fan of matte nails). My suggestion is, if you need some springspiration or if you live in a place where winter just won't die, then go to your local drugstore or GAP and find some happy hues for your nails. Also, tell me what your favorite spring colors are in the comment section below!

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