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I've been talking books and nail color lately, so lets keep up with the theme and allow these two worlds to collide into a colorful explosion. But what do books have to do with nails, Janette? Plenty! This week Julep contacted me to share inspiration for a custom nail color of my own design. (You know I love nail polish!) If I could create a custom nail color, I would definitely base it on a character in a good novel. And so, I'm doing just that.

My color would be called "Eleanor" after one of the main characters in the book, Eleanor & Park. It would be a classic red color, but with a slight purply undertone. For those that have read the book, you know the red is inspired by Eleanor's hair color... But the purple undertone hints at her bruised soul and broken home. Isn't that a bit depressing? Not really! And here's why... While Eleanor's situation is seemingly hopeless, she doesn't allow herself to be defined by it. She tries hard to forge her own way in the world and experiences first love. Her experiences are what makes Eleanor, Eleanor. And as a result of this, she is loved not only by Park, but by those who have read and can relate to her story. Eleanor, this color is for you!
Eleanor Nail Color Inspiration

Eleanor Nail Color Inspiration 

For more information on Julep, check out their site. And to enter an amazing NYFW Sweepstakes, click here. (I typed "Sweepsteaks" at first. Yeah, you know I'd rather win that ;)Since I mentioned New York, would you like to read about the last time I was there?!? YES | NO

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