Getty Villa Trip

Last weekend I joined Lovey and his classmates on a field trip to the Getty Villa . The Getty Villa Museum (not to be confused for the Getty Center Museum ) houses an impressive Greco-Roman art collection consisting of sculptures, jewels, coins, paintings, etc. etc. Although I love art and museums and those pesky security guards that yell at you for flash photography, I didn't want to go with Lovey's class. I mean, 30 strangers plus his professor and a T.A.?!! Too much social stress for me, honestly. But in the end, as is usually the case when I don't want to go somewhere, I ended up enjoying myself (and only embarrassing Lovey once or twice). Plus there was a sack lunch stipulation that made it feel like 4th grade all over again. (Gosh! Fieldtrips are still the best!)

Has anyone been here? I recommend it if you haven't!

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