Life with Lovey: His Birthday

Lovey's birthday is probably one of my favorite days. It should be a national holiday, because he's just so lovely!!! It's a day I finally get to spoil him without reserve... And this year was no exception. His birthday weekend started out with one of his favorite meals, oven baked salmon and rice. I could just write a blog post about how delicious that salmon turned out, but I'll refrain and talk about what we did for the rest of his birthday weekend. Here's how it all unfolded:

Friday Night
-Made salmon & rice dinner (pictured)
-Dropped off the birthday boy at his monthly boys night soiree.
-Picked up Lovey early (cause he just wanted to come home and be with me.. AWWW!) and watched Nanny Diaries with Scarlett Johansson. (Cute!)

-Quiche (another of his faves) for breakfast.
-Couples massage at noon (room pictured)
-Korean BBQ at a new place for lunch. (pictured)
-Went to discount theater to see Nonstop.(We heart Liam Neeson! And by "we" I mean, Lovey.)

-Breakfast at Lovey's favorite restaurant, Jagerhaus.
-Morning hike at Caspers Regional Park. (pictured)
-Stopped at a local brewery Lovey's been itching to try.
-Watched Fargo for the first time.(I know, 20 years later, right?)
-Went to Lucille's for dinner. (dinner pictured)
-Had powdered donuts tower "cake". (pictured)

What a weekend! Every time Lovey has a birthday it feels like it's my birthday too.. It's wonderful!

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