Favorite Corner in My Room

Yes, I'm about to devote an entire blogpost to my beloved corner of my bedroom. Don't analyze or judge. Just go with it. Last week I had a few days off of work, and I cleaned and reorganized a lot of things in my home. Mostly things in my bedroom. I seriously had thee best time because having things organized brings me great peace of mind and assuages my OCD tendencies. Also being able to look at the little things I love, really and truly inspires me. It inspired me to blog (which is a rarity). Go figure. So here it is. My dresser corner in all its glory. Notice Lovey's corner. It's about to get a makeover cause I bought something for his birthday to organize it all.. Will show it to you soon!

Tell me your favorite thing you spot in these pics. I can't decide between my ring bowl or my makeup brushes. It's a toss up. ;)

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  1. My favorite is the ring bowl, and the ring collection it holds. :) Love your little corner! I have nooks and crannies here and there but I was just thinking yesterday how nice it'll be when our place is big enough for two separate dressers/dressing areas in our room so I can have my own little space, too. Ah, the joys of city living ...


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