Rainy Day Hair. (Before & After)

For posterity sake...

Last week it rained like heck in southern California... I of course, thought the news was exaggerating a bit (as per yooj) and I proceeded to take an extra long time curling my hair the first morning of the "storm of the year".. Afterall, a little rain never hurt anyone. Well, all was well until after I came out of Panera (where I went to get my boss some morning coffee cause I'm the best worker everrr)... It was clear skies before, so I was a bit confused by the hurricane-forcewinds and sudden downpour coming at me from all angles on my way out. It was crazy! And when I got in my car, my symmetrical curls were goners. RIP pretty things, you looked good while you lasted...

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  1. You look fabulous daaaahhhling!
    I want to steal your awesome combo style! Like how do i find a pretty necklace like yours and make it my statement necklace for the day...I still can't figure it out in my closet.

    Anywho, hope you are having a lovely sunday!
    xoxo Andiepants


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