Case of the Blahs

Since 2014 began I've been completely unmotivated in all things... Eating healthy, working, blogging, looking presentable (Baha!)... Etc. Etc. I'm just not feeling it. I thought the new year would help jump start some positive habits and changes in my life, but it's been the opposite. I'm in a slump. And not just a blogging slump, but a big life slump. Don't know what it is. I attribute most of it to my crappy eating plan as of late. Junk in. Junk out. Right? Or maybe it's been that I've been so busy reading everything?  I don't feel unhappy or depressed. Just unmotivated! Maybe I need a haircut. That usually solves a lot of problems...Haha!  Here are some pictures of the past few weeks. Maybe you can help me figure this all out, will ya?

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  1. Haircuts are always a good way to spice things up and get the ball rolling again! If I feel like I'm getting into a slump I like to do something a little bit differently, whether it's trying a new recipe or taking a different route for a walk. I find that small changes can sometimes become big, positive ones ^_^

  2. i always feel like a new person after a haircut. i always feel unmotivated in january, i think it is because it is cold and wet--well that is what i am blaming it on anyway :)

  3. Hopefully you've cheered up…but if you haven't, you're NOT alone. I have all of these long lists of to dos and goals to accomplish yet I feel so….bleh. I'm blaming the rainy weather, crappy eating and stress of school (that's my story & I'm sticking to it!) lol Anyways, just wanted to remind you that there's no where to go but UP from Bleh…I think lol & GET THE HAIRCUT :D

  4. don't make that face though! No no no :P


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