Weekend Highlights & Lowlights

Weekend Highlights

- Our last Solvang trip
- Blackberry chip ice cream (pictured above)
-Eating a baguette, cheese, and pickles on the beach with Lovey.
- My brother being in town with his wife for a few days! Yipee!
-Babysitting my nieces on Friday. We played with huge cardboard boxes, played dress up with my wedding dress, and watched Geek Charming. So fun and girly!

Weekend Lowlights

-Being 10 minutes from Solvang via the 154 and then getting directed by CHP to turn around due to an accident (ie 1 hour detour. Boo.)
-Poor people that were in an accident :(
-Fighting off a cold.
-LA Traffic. Gosh. It's always bad no matter what.
-Laundry. I can't seem to keep up with it lately.
-And last, the ultimate weekend lowlight.... It's been one year since the tragedy at Sandy Cook Elementary :( I'll never forget it.

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  1. oh Janette, i loved all the glimpses into your trip up north with Lovey! looked like the best time, filled with awesome explorations and puppeh pleasures :) who doesn't get happy over a windmill sighting?! eep --- lovely shots indeed. you look beautiful lades, seeing your smile always brightens my spirits.

    lows are a part of life, the ones you've shared i empathize with. deep impressions were made after the whole tragedy at Sandy Cook - i'll never forget it either. wishing you wellness and peaceful moments over the holidays. sending loads of blessings your way! xo ♥


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