Weekend Highlights & Lowlights

Yes, I realize it's Wednesday.. But I've had a busy week!

Weekend Highlights

- Making Thanksgiving dinner again.
-Going to outings not expecting to have fun and then having a blast!
-Seeing people I hadn't seen in a long time.
-Making new friends.
-Taking a late night stroll with Lovey looking at lights and sipping hot cocoa.
-Killing it at bowling! (I beat our neighboring lanes too...Each had like 5 people playing...But nope, I'm not competitive at all.. Ha!)
-Ordering half the value menu at Wendy's.
-Watched Sharknado for the last time.

Weekend Lowlights

-Watched Sharknado for the first time.
-Ordering half the value menu at Wendy's.
-Meeting new people (Ugh! I'm so awkward sometimes!)
-Thanksgiving dinner not being as good as I remember.

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