Weekend Highlights & Lowlights

Weekend Highlights

-Celebrating Hanukkah
-Going to San Diego
-The views in San Diego
-Eating ice cream while watching the sunset.....in San Diego. (What? I love it there?)
-Going to our friend's Hanukkah party.
-Winning Apples to Apples at said party.
-Home Alone 2 & Cheese Pizza night
-Winterizing my home.
-Going to Michaels with Lovey and buying a bunch of junk we definitely don't need but is so cute. (More on that later)
-Sitting outside on our patio while it rained.

Weekend Lowlights

-Realizing our vacation is over and we have to go back to work on Monday.
-Witnessing a car spin out of control on the freeway
-Going to Hobby Lobby for the first time and finding out they're closed on Sundays.
-Gaining back some weight I lost. (More on that later. Ugh!)

What was the highlight and lowlight of your weekend?

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