#TargetWedding: How to Personalize A Wedding Registry Gift

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I've often thought that gift registries were a bit too impersonal to be meaningful. I understand that the future couple (or parents to be, if speaking of a baby registry) has pre-selected items that they personally like, but at the same time the gift-giver is only left with the task of paying for the gift. No meaning or thought is really involved on the behalf of the giver, other than by what means he or she will pay for the registry item. Cash or credit?

Today, I've teamed up with #TargetWedding and their "Be Yourself, Together" campaign to give you some ideas on how to make a traditional registry gift a little more personal. I'm going to show you how to pair a typical registry item and make it unique to the couple. I've selected the following Sony Blu-Ray player as the main item of purchase. (Lovey and I had this on our wedding registry as well.)

Basically you want to start your shopping trip with these questions: How will the couple use this item? Why did the couple pick this product to begin with?  And what other items would make this registry item more meaningful?  Obviously, a Blu-Ray player was selected because the lovebirds would like to enjoy some of their favorite movies (or TV shows) on a night in. To maximize their movie night, I would include a few selections to add to their Blu-Ray collection (I selected the Star Wars series, of course) and a fuzzy blanket like the one from Threshold (pictured below) for added coziness. Movie night is a universal (and often weekly) event in the life of every married couple. Make it special!

Here is the complete list of items you will need to recreate this gift idea:

-Blu-Ray Player
-2 or 3 Blu-Rays to jump start the couples movie collection
-A new cozy blanket (purchased or handmade)
- A basket of snacks (popcorn, their favorite candy, or limited edition oddities, like holiday flavored Pringles!)

I've included a few other ideas for couples that may not have a DVD player on their list.

The Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender would be great with a pair of on-the-go smoothie cups.

This Threshold Belvedere 4PC Wicker Patio Conversation Set is perfect for the couples who want to host parties and BBQs. I'd also purchase an outdoor games set (badminton or horseshoes) to go with this item or maybe a string of outdoor twinkle lights.
His and hers Schwinn Legacy Cruiser bikes? How cute would that be? You could also add a stocked picnic basket for them to enjoy after a ride to their local park.

A Keurig  Vue V500 Brewer with a monogrammed set of coffee mugs or tumblers will be a wonderful addition for the new couple's morning routine.

This Kitchen Aid Candy Apple Red 12pc Cutlery set would help any couple prepare the all healthy meals found in this Giada De Laurentiis cookbook.

 Wedding gifts or wedding registries don't have to be impersonal with a little thought and creativity. Hopefully this post was helpful and pointed you in the right direction. Now it's your turn. What is the most unique wedding gift you have seen? How would you use Target products to make your gift as personal and meaningful as possible?

This blog post and giveaway is sponsored by Target. All of the above statements are my genuine and sincere opinions and thoughts. Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

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