Solvang, CA

On our way to Solvang on Saturday morning, Lovey and I were talking, and we both simultaneously said, "You know this is probably the last time we will ever go to Solvang, right?" Yes. It is. Solvang which means "sunny fields" is a quaint Danish style town about 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara. It's a very small and colorful town lined with cutesy gift shops, wineries, and restaurants. All the action is within a half mile radius, if that. It's a great place, no doubt, but you can get by on a day trip.

Lovey and I's favorite main attractions were of course the food! We had ice cream, aebleskivers (Danish pancake balls of joy), pastries of all kinds, veal sausage... Gosh.. I could go on and on.(Did we drive 3 hours just to stuff our faces all weekend?!!! Apparently...) But this is to be expected when every other building is either a bakery or a restaurant... Anywho! I wanted to share 5 travel tips with you, in case you ever decide to go. Keep these 5 things in mind to maximize your travel experience! ;)
1.Take the 101 to the 246!!! Yes, the 154 is more scenic and quicker (by 5 minutes), but if there's an accident the CHP will probably not close the 101 and force a 1 hour detour. Yeesh. Trust us on this...

2. Visit the Santa Ines Mission and go to the very back past the garden! There are some gorgeous views there, especially at sunset!

3. Visit Solvang in the winter, not only because it's superrr hot during the summer, but chances are Julefest will be going on and there will be tons of twinkle lights every where!

4. Try the aebleskivers at the Solvang Restaurant. Totally worth the line.

5. Solvang is very dog-friendly. A lot of shops and restaurants allow dogs inside, so keep that in mind!
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