Northern California: Series Finale

This is it folks. My last vacation post. Makes it feel like it was so long ago. But it hasn't even been a month. So strange how time flies. Why must it be so? Anywho. Our last day in NorCal was spent on the chilly shores of Lake Tahoe. I've been here twice before, but I've never stood near the actual lake...Or put my hand in the water (which was a bad idea cause it was fuhreezing!)

But seriously, this place is magnificent. It's clean, pristine, almost holy and sacred. Its views literally take your breath away... I mean, really? A bald eagle just fishing for its lunch right in front of mah face? Seriously? Nothing could top that! After soaking in the landscape and warm sunshine, we headed to Emerald's Bay where we saw inches upon inches of powdery snow, deer tracks, and a man in shorts. Not that I was any better prepared... My boots were soaked within minutes of prancing in the snow and trying to make a snowball rendered my fingers stiff instantaneously. I'm a city girl, guys.

I'm so grateful for the Lord's protection and provision during this whole trip. I will forever treasure these memories...THANK YOU!

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