Northern California Part 2: Bear Doodang

Lets talk about how obviously horrible it is to drive in the snow. Okay? Lets just go there for a sec. So Lovey and I went up to Northern California to visit some family as you may recall. (I posted about it here and here.) It was fine and dandy until the day we went hiking. Lovey and I were promised to be taken to a gorgeous spot with a lake and a view. It would be a few miles to hike there and back. No big deal. Right? So off we went in two cars (we were following Justin's dad in a separate car) and I began to notice that the road was getting progressively snowier.  "Oh look how cute! There's snow here!" I said innocently... But soon I was terrified because I felt my tires skid and my car slipping and sliding on the road. (Thank goodness Lovey was driving) To make a long story short, we ended up stopping on this hill  (pictured below) and decided it'd be foolish to continue in these conditions. Instead of making a U-Turn (because you couldn't due to the amount of ice), Lovey maneuvered the car down the reverse... I've never been in that kind of situation, so to say I was scared is an understatement... Praise God we got down safely!
We made our way to lower elevation, parked our car off of a snow-free road, and hiked on a different trail that funnily enough ended in a bear's bathroom...accidentally of course! You know what's funny.. as we got to this clearing next to a  frozen pond, I thought to myself, "Hmm. If I was a bear, I'd totally come here! This is a prime spot!" And then a few moments later I heard Lovey exclaiming, "Oh my gosh guys! Look at all this bear poop on the ground here!!" It was EVERYWHERE!! At least 20 piles of DOODANG! It was gross and fascinating all at once. We unanimously decided to turn around after Lovey said, "Oh look! A fresh one!" *shudder*
That was too much excitement for one day. We ended our hike and headed to the American River (pictured below) which is easily accessible from a major highway. I can handle that. In fact, hearing the gurgling river intermixed with the sounds of semi-trucks going by was oddly peaceful. I think I've come to the conclusion that the wild is a little too wild for me. I really thought I could handle this sort of thing, cause I'm a tough girl. But bears and icy roads? I feel so small and helpless. I'm not sure I could live up in the mountains even though it's the most beautiful of places... What about you?

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