My Favorite Snowflake

You know I love snowflakes! And you know that in the past I've made tons and tons to decorate my home for the colder months. I can get pretty crafty when it comes to cutting out these paper pretties. I've mastered making snowflakes with heart designs, dreidles, even Darth Vader...which ended up looking more like Yoda, but whatever. Anyway. Last winter, my dad came to visit when my snowflakes were up and he loved them! That year I made a mental note that the following winter (this year) I'd make him some snowflakes of his own.

I did just that. Last week I went over with a bag full and hung them up around his house. He marveled at the intricate patterns I created. He didn't believe me when I told him they were the easiest thing to make. I finally said, "Dad, I'm going to show you how to make these. You're going to make your own! " So I got him some paper and scissors and led him through the steps. Here's how his snowflake turned out:
You're probably wondering, "Okay. Cool. So what's the big deal, Janette?" Here's the thing... My daddy is a humble man with extremely humble beginnings. He only went to school up to the 4th grade because his parents couldn't afford it. The childhood he had (if any) was full of hardships, extreme poverty, and trials. To see how far he has come from all that is ASTOUNDING (and a story for another day...) But in short, watching him cut up this snowflake was like seeing my dad as a little kid. Sure his hands were spotty and wrinkly with age (He's 69 years young), but all I saw was a child's heart working the scissors...And when he unfolded the paper to see his creation, he was surprised and said, "That was easy!"

After he thanked me for his snowflake lesson, we spent the rest of our time together googling real snowflakes and marveling at God's handiwork. I love my dad and I'm keeping his snowflake FOREVER...possibly getting it framed. It's currently in my bedroom where I can see it every day as I'm getting ready for work... It's my favorite snowflake for sure.

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  1. Soo... this post definitely made me cry :) I think it's because I really wanted to see my family for the holidays this year but won't be able to. (boo) I love it that you and your dad have the type of relationship that allows you to have experiences like making snowflakes together. I pray that my children have that type of relationship with Lamar & me. Thank you for sharing this darlin :) Have a blessed week >hug<


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