Outfit Post: Heart Print Sweater

Guys. There's just so many things wrong with this outfit post. Beginning with whether or not this outfit even matches and ending with me accidentally flashing my chones to the camera. OY! But you know what's sooo right about this whole thing? This sweater! I purchased it at Target for $15 and I'm probably going to wear it on all days ending with "y". Why?? Cause I love hearts everything!
Outfit Details: Skirt & Scarf (Thrifted)-Tights (Gifted)-Boots (Marshalls)-Sweater (Target)

See what I mean? lol

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  1. Love the sweater and the slightly awkward but super cute pictures ^_^

  2. Cute sweater! These are the best kind of outfit posts, super funny! Love it!! :)

  3. Haha! You are too hilarious!!

    pssst... I have a new blog :) BUT! It's a personal one. Soooooooooo.... you know... I won't be all shilling it out! So come visit me!

  4. Super cute sweater! And.. I have to say your photos definitely made me laugh! :-)


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