Northern California Part 1

This is my third time visiting El Dorado county... Lovey grew up here and we've come every other year to visit his family and friends. However each time we've come during the summer..and let me tell you... It's a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT place in Fall.  It was like seeing everything for the first time. Fall foliage, crisp weather, clean air... It was heavenly! I'm so thankful I was able to witness this town under such beautiful conditions.

First we visited downtown Placerville, also lovingly known as Hangtown. Yup. Those peeps back in the day liked to hang people in the middle of the town. Pleasant, right? Despite the macabre history, I would still LOVE to live here. No joke! It's simply the cutest, most quaint town in forever. Like out of a movie.  The streets are lined with coffee shops, specialty stores, and friendliness. One of the workers at the place where we had lunch (the elk burger pictured below) was practically hugging me on the way out of her restaurant. And everyone knows each other too.
We strolled through town a little longer and marveled at the Fall trees. See that picture of me tossing the leaves in the air? I was ECSTATIC! I also wanted to lay down on the floor and take some pictures of me rolling around in the leaves, like the gorilla in this post., but Lovey convinced me they were probably wet. He was probably wrong, but I think I embarrass Lovey enough with my antics so I refrained... this time.
After our afternoon in Placerville we headed to Jenkinson Lake where I marveled at the size of pine cones and tried to look completely calm climbing on fallen tree trunks. Who am I kidding? I was terrified. The last thing I needed was a fall and a sprained ankle to start my vacation!
Please come back soon to see Part 2 of my trip! There will be lots of snow, a cute dog, and lots of pictures of me. Haha! Okay, maybe that wasn't a selling point.. Just come back for the dog,okay?

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