My Current Happy Place

Is there some place in your home you like to escape to? For me that place is my bedroom... On my bed in the shadow of my twinklies, to be exact. This is where I like to blog, read, rest, nap, etc. For some reason I feel inspired here...At peace... At rest. Whether my bed is made or not... Do you have a place like that?

Want to see another room in my house? YES || NO


  1. I am working so hard on making a little inspirational area of my home like that, somewhere I can do all my blogging and creating ^_^ I like this little peek into your home, your heart garland is so pretty!

  2. oh Janette, i can completely see why this is your spot to nook. it's dressed up and darling as can be :) i do tend to gravitate towards the bedroom as an escape/sanctuary also, love laying with the kittehs quietly. so calming. plus your garland is all around ace - i can see where the idea of a heart-shaped doggie tag for Tayeh came from. swell insp, thanks friend. ♥


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