I Love Pizza!

Guys.. I love pizza! Cheese pizza to be exact.. Or if you want to get fancy and technical, thin-crust cheese pizza. This weekend Lovey and I went to Two Saucy Broads which is a pizza place in our county. Actually it was voted Best Pizza in the OC... DUDE! They know what's up. So I kind of went crazy and ordered a whole medium cheese pizza for myself. Yup. I ate it and I didn't care. Okay, okay, I took more than half home, but still.. I ordered a whole pizza for myself cause Lovey said I could and should. He ordered a pesto pizza with onions and cheese, but that didn't sound good at all . I like to stick to the classics.

What about you? What kind of pizza do you like?

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  1. Pizza is, quite possibly, my favourite food ever. I -adore- cheese pizza (on a thin crust too, else it's too much bread!) but my absolute favourite has to be cheese with pepperoni, spicy beef and jalapeños! Like it spicy! That pizza looks delicious though...my mouth is watering.


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