First World Problem: Exhibit A

This girl needs a new phone! I currently own the iPhone 4 (sans Siri) but it's definitely time for an upgrade. Mostly because the camera quality is HORRIFIC (I take a lot of photos!) and I feel that my phone lags big time. Or I could be imagining things... My only problem is, I recently purchased this gold sequined case that I absolutely LOVE. I just look at the thing and I feel like dressing up and doing my hair (a miracle in and of itself). It elicits thoughts of girliness, glitz, and glamor. I don't even know. Anyway. I would like the iPhone 5s, but that would mean I'd have to say goodbye to my beloved case... Cause, lets face it, I doubt I'll find a sequined case for the 5s for $5. Yup. I paid 5 buckaroos for this beauty!
See my dilemma? First world problem to the max.

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  1. Haha, I love this post. You could always do a snazzy DIY and make your own sequined case for your new phone ^_^ glittery!


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