Cold Weather Wishlist

This week is turning out to be the loveliest! Why? Well, it's been under 70 the past few days...and maybe some rain today! (I love rainy weather!) Not a big deal for some of you, but cooler temps mean the world to me! It's rarely below 80 in the day time (#socalgoodweatherprobs) here... And colder weather makes me think of blankets, warm drinks, and freshly baked cookies... So I conjured up a wishlist to accompany the happy thoughts of upcoming, cooler months.. I didn't want to call it a "winter"wish list, because that's over a month away and I like to savor the seasons individually. Know what I mean?
Cold Weather Wishlist

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||1. I don't want cozy pillows in the winter months...I want sparkly ones! ||2. I could always use another scarf to add to my collection. Always. ||3. I need some more brown boots. ||4. Still looking for a white winter coat. || 5. I have a similar striped beanie, and I'd like another. Thanks in advance! ||6. Oh how I love the smell of cookies! ||7. These would be fun to try this upcoming season, no?

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