Tea Time

Tea time is quite commonplace at the Lovey manor. On lazy weekends of course... Especially if it's raining. I'm hoping for some Fall weather this next week.. And by "next week," I mean TOMORROW! It's supposed to rain! And plus I simply need cooler weather because I've recently purchased some Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice tea that smells DELICIOUS!
Do you like tea? Or not really?


  1. I -love- tea. It feels a little bit clichéd to say it since I'm English, but there is nothing better than a hot cup of tea to soothe your worries away. It always makes me feel better ^_^

  2. i love tea but then i think that is an english thing :)

  3. I've recently started drinking more tea in the last few years. I'm not really a coffee drinker, so it's nice when it's cold or when I'm sick. I drank some today because it was raining yay! Where did you get the pumpkin tea?


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