Re: Steve's Comment

Yesterday's post was about my iPhone and getting locked out of my house in racy PJs and hairy legs. Just a typical day in the life ya know? Got a few comments... But every one of those comments mentioned Steve's comment, which, I've since deleted (after lots of consideration). Mr. Steve left a comment that was obviously meant to drive traffic to his blog. It was religious in nature, which I'm not against. I wouldn't have minded his words had they been in an email... But expounding on the invalidity of apostolic succession on a blog post about llama legs? For realsies? You couldn't drive traffic to your site any other way?? It was an original cut & paste job, no doubt. And any brazen attempt to use my blog as advertising is quickly eradicated.

But this brings me to another point...Sometimes Christians are the weirdest.. And I count myself in that group, obviously. I'm a believer and I've done and said some of the most ridiculous, embarrassing, and insensitive things that, in retrospect, I know were not of God. Some of those things, unfortunately, are forever floating around Facebook some where...We are so quick to want to be witnesses for Christ and the truth that we discard common sense. Yes, sometimes you have to be bold..and you will appear foolish sharing your faith... But lets keep things in context. You want to leave a comment about apostles? Cool! I know there's a metaphor to be made between iPhones and the apostle Paul....You just have to be creative ;)

Okay. I'm done. The last thing I will say is that I'm thankful that the Lord is gracious and that He sent His Son to die for our many blunders....

Also a big kiss to everyone who made light of the situation cause the last thing I would've wanted was for a comment war to ensue on my blog. You guys are the best! And you're classy too! Love it!


  1. I just cannot express to you how happy it makes me that there's now an entire blog post about Steve. DARN YOU STEVE!

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