iPhone Floozy

Do you ever have moments where you just want to delete all your social media and live in a pre-iPhone world where you aren't enslaved to the internet at all hours of the day? I do. I've been trying to rid myself of the habit. I used to take my phone everywhere.... to the potty, to the living room, backyard, etc. My phone was always on me. But lately I've been a lot better about not checking my phone constantly. It's just bizarre to be bound to a shiny piece of plastic with pretty lights on it... Isn't that what it boils down to?

So what changes have I noticed? If any? Well a few. First, I've forgotten my phone at home...A lot! When was the last time you went out somewhere without your phone? (Don't you feel a bit naked?) Also my battery life has increased from lack of use. I charge my phone every other day instead of daily (sometimes I used to charge it twice daily) However, not having your phone on you can have major drawbacks. The only time I regretted not carrying it with me was when I locked myself out of my house a few weeks ago.(And I wasn't about to go to my neighbor's to ask to use their phone because.. A. I was wearing my jammy short-shorts B. I was also wearing a white top that was see through with a black bra . I dress like a floozy when I'm home alone apparently  C. My legs were as hairy as a flock of llamas during a snow storm and D. We have the nosiest neighbors. I couldn't handle my story making it around the block..."Yeah..That girl with the long hair..she showed up to my door dressing all trampy asking to use my phone... And her legs....Woowee!" Oh the horror.)

Anyway.. back to my phone... I'm not going to deny that my decreased phone use is directly correlated to my sparse blogging...cause it is..in a BIG WAY! No blog posts means no blog comment notification emails. My most favorite kind of social media notification (second is Instagram comments). So yeah. Because I haven't blogged regularly, my phone has taken a back seat in my life. It's a good thing. Yet, I miss blogging and would like to start doing it consistently once again... What a Catch 22...

Oh yeah...And here's a pic of me not looking like a floozy! Why couldn't I lock myself out this day?

Happy Tuesday friends! And stay tuned for my $25 Target Giftcard Winner announcement coming soon!

PS. In case you are wondering what I ended up doing when I got locked out... I took a nap on my patio until Lovey got home 2 hours later... Good thing my patio set is the comfiest! Haha!


  1. I really want to leave a kind and meaningful comment but I cannot because I have to go read Steve's blog. It was just so nice of him to invite all of us.

  2. For one... I am not a person to bash a religion. But I think Stevens word is a wee bit rude. Email me sweetheart and I will tell you about the apostolic religion. I have lived around that type of faith/religion for about 15 years. So. Just email me.

    Anyways. Back to the post.

    My husband and I had a fght about this last night. I am on my phone too much. The tweeting, IGing, FBing, blogging yada yada yada... it's taking a toll on me and us. So it's time to do what you are doing. Its hard for me because designing is my job and I HAVE to be at my phone. Wah.

  3. Um, I'm totally confused by Steve's comment. But - I can definitely relate to leaving my phone behind. I keep it in a totally different room when I'm working during the day so I can resist the social media/texting temptation. Because of that, I've often left it behind when I head out to run errands or something! Haven't locked myself out in my racy pj's yet but I'm sure that'll happen soon enough. :)

  4. Being in the blogging world is often excuse enough to carry your phone ALWAYS and FOREVER! But this is actually becoming a serious problem, especially with the rise of peoples inability to communicate in person. I always have my phone but I know when to ignore it. Any social situations with close friends such as dinner or hanging out in small groups I just leave it in my purse. I'm starting to appreciate the gift of undivided attention.

    Great post!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  5. I was picturing you locked outside your house and was laughing a little at how you described yourself lol. I always look the worst when I step outside and a neighbor wants to talk to me!

  6. oh Janette, do i ever feel you about living in a pre-iPhone era. guess it wasn't that long ago for me that life was that simple and less bombarded with feeds, rolls and updates ;) but apart from the "guess i missed the Steve comment" scenario... i'm sure this floozy idea wasn't as bad as all that. the last thing i'd ever picture when thinking of you is something flooz-related :) by the way, you are a shining beam of beautiful in that last photo!!! happy weekend, phone-less or not! xo ♥


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