4 Fall Outfits

Last week SoCal was a lovely and crisp Fall-land, complete with cooler temps, rain, and an extremely giddy, Janette. Yup, it was grand. I was finally able to wear some Fall outfits I'd been dreaming up since the start of the season. Are you like me, always planning cold-weather outfits in your head? Yes? No?
These four outfits were super comfy (even the brown opaque tights), colorful, and cozy...not to mention bargains! I'm such a bargain shopper guys.

What are your favorite bargain stores?


  1. i am like you and get excited about boots, scarves, and jackets. but i am nowhere near as stylish as you...love these looks :)

  2. cute cute cute cute! All of them my dear!


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