YouTube Video: Dollar Store Haul

Well, here it is folks (Click my face to watch)! My first public YouTube video! It's interesting...And I'd watch it until the very end cause it gets awkward. But anyway, if you have a YouTube channel or account, PLEASE let me know! I would LOOOVE to follow you there.. Also, please subscribe to mine if you feel so inclined. Thanks a bunch!


  1. I need to catch up with all your amazingness! you are so cute and pretty! Your hair looks amazing! I'm jealous, mine is still short. I do remember LA Gear, wow we are getting old! I love the Dollar Store. I bought fake flowers and the flameless candles for my wedding. I also like buying cards there too because they are so expensive!
    p.s. sorry I forgot to respond to your last email!

  2. fabulous video, thanks for posting!

  3. hey star shine!!!! i loved the vid and your cheaps n' cheerful tips! okay, BUT...never say "just" again when referring to your blog. it's not "just a lifestyle blog" - it's a mecca of awesomeness okaaaaaaaaaay :) awe, J it is uber cool to hear you and see your beautiful face. what sensational eyebrows, i kinda got transfixed cos the shape is perfect for your face.

    i too suffer the strange skin color morph, sometimes i'm way more yellowy and other times i feel pink has taken over and i need some toning help asaps! yah, happy fall leaf wall, that's rad lades. dude, Dollar Store should hit number 1 on the charts in no time! xo ♥


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