Photographing weddings is beyond stressful, but also one of the most rewarding things that can happen to a photographer. You really can't take a single break because chances are you'll miss something magical. Yet it's a whole different ballgame when you're simply invited to attend a wedding as a guest. It's one of my favorite things in life really.

My BEAUTIFUL friend, Miriam, married this past Sunday in San Clemente, CA. The locale was perfect, as was the bride, the family, her dress, all the food, flowers, weather, kids, etc. (I could be here all day.) But that's not really what made it unforgettable...Let me explain.
I met Miriam via some tragic events in her life. She lost her husband and some family within the space of a few years (both car accidents). She's lived through some heartbreaking things. Moments that could undo a person and cause one to lose faith in God. She's been shaken to the core through loss and sorrow, yet she's always had this unmistakable strength, poise, and peace about her. To see her beaming on her wedding day, given a second chance in love, and in the arms of a godly man, was good for my soul. A day I will never forget. I mean, just look how happy she is!
In the past, I've seen her choke back tears of pain, but yesterday I saw her cry tears of joy...Having seen her on opposite sides of the emotional spectrum, made me realize a few things. 1.) Life is tragic and beautiful. 2.) Life goes on. 3.) God is faithful  4.) God is with us even when we least expect it. And 5.) I love Prime Rib. (I'm kidding! But really.)
Miriam gave a beautiful speech during the reception that really struck and encouraged me...She said something to the effect that the Lord had brought many into her path throughout the years during bittersweet times...And each person she met on the road of life was a token of His presence. Whether she turned left or right at her reception, she was surrounded by family...and in essence, surrounded by God's love. Each face she looked upon, a reminder that God was with her through it all... Is that amazing or what?

I was so honored to be a part of her special day...

How are your weekend?


  1. I'm so happy that your friend has found joy among all the pain. It's always hard to understand God's bigger plan. I also love going to weddings. When I'm there I always watch the photographer. I'm like, "Oh he should have got that shot!" or "I could have done that better". Lol

  2. what a beautiful story, and looks like a beautiful day as well. God is faithful indeed.


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