Sunglasses & Lipstick

I want to mention two things about this face of mine...First, sunglasses. These sunglasses broke. Sad much? YES! How did it happen? I sat on them, perhaps? No way Jose. I didn't do a thing. In fact, I just sat there. I think it was a combination of the heat and the AC in my car cause they snapped in half while I was at a stop light. Freaked me out a bit... Okay. A LOT! Luckily these bad boys were only $3, and I purchased two pairs ahead of time... I don't normally do that sort of thing, but they were a deal and I liked how they fit.

Lets talk about something else on my face... That lip color. I was a little hesitant but really wanted to try a bright lip (other than red). This particular shade is Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Color in Back to the Fuchsia (Who comes up with these genius names??!). I ended up wearing it for the first time to a Rosh Hashanah service and party last week. Everyone had kind words... Mostly that I looked "really dressed up and youthful"...Although they probably said that cause at the last congregational party I wore a Jurassic Park T-Shirt and jeans. (I'm all about comfort over style guys). But back to the lippy... I'm quite happy with the Megalast factor. I ate, drank, wiped, and the color stayed on like a champ. Twas a bit sticky, but not unbearable.

Anyhow. If you have any long lasting lip color products to recommend, please do so below! I'm interested in all you have to tell me on the subject! So type away!


PS. So your face broke the sunglasses, Janette????? Really?


This blog post WAS NOT sponsored by any company, brand, or person. I was not paid or given this product for this review. These statements  are solely my opinions and thoughts based on my personal experience. Try at your own risk.


  1. Comfort over style every time, I pretty much live by that mantra! I'm not a lipstick sort of person (primarily because I can never find one that will last through the day) but on your recommendation this might be one I try out! The shade is bright and looks super pretty on you ^_^

  2. You are seriously adorable. And pooh on the sunglasses! Mine got bent out of shape all on their own last month just from sitting in the heat. Melted? I think yes. Way to go you on buying two. Wish I had done the same. And p.s. LOVE the lip color. Super poppin'!

  3. I think that's a really fun color. I have never gotten into wearing lipstick/gloss. I guess I'm afraid of the colors matching my face.

  4. I L-O-V-E both the sunglasses and the lippy! You look so glam! Lucky you've got another pair of sunglasses, I hate when those cheap ones break, but I would still never pay more than £10 for a pair :)


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