Soyrizo Salad!

Yesterday was Mexican Independence Day! I know, I know you may have thought that was celebrated on May 5th... It's not. And you know what else you may have been mistaken about? I'm not Filipino! I'm Mexican. 100%. Born and raised in California. Shocked? Hope not. I am also fluent in Spanish. Mira como cambio de idioma en medio de mi blog...como si nada ;) If you didn't know, no worries. I tend to keep such things under wraps cause I like surprising people. Okay. That's a lie. Mostly I like to pretend I don't speak Spanish so I can hear what people say about me when they think I don't understand. It's THE BEST! And I always LOOVE to see people's faces when they realize I understood 100% of their "secret" conversation. It's my favorite thing to do (aside from going to weddings).

Ok. Back to Monday... I made some soyrizo with eggies for dinner to celebrate and acknowledge the happy day. Plus any excuse to make Mexican food is always a good thing. You can't go wrong with beans, cheese, and tortillas... Well, I passed on the tortillas and ate my soyrizo on a leafy bed of spinach topped with guacamole and beans. Oh yes! And RADISHES. I love radishes. They don't taste like anything, but they're crisp, cold, and oddly refreshing on a hot day. (90 degrees today! Really September? Really?!) Mmm..mmm! I'm having this for lunch today for sure!

Viva Mexico!

PS. Recognize my heart dish from my YouTube video?
PPS. Tell me what your favorite Mexican dish is in the comments below! I have too many to list! ;)


  1. I'm pretty much a Mexican food novice so I haven't tried half as much as I'd like to, but I do have a very soft spot for enchiladas, especially with lots of salad and guacamole! Yumtastic ^_^

  2. Look so good! It's a little cooler today thankfully! This morning it was foggy and almost chilly! It was awesome. I understand a little Spanish, but not enough to tell is someone is talking about me. Wish I could!

  3. YUM! Love soyrizo! I'm half Mexican and have way too many favorite dishes. :D


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