Pizza Date!

Okay. This is probably the worst picture since ever. I apologize for the quality... However I wanted to capture this moment no matter how it turned out. It was magical. It was unexpected. It was... last minute. Saturday night was the mother of all temps at the Lovey household. It was HOT and NOTHING could make us feel better (besides going outside and getting wet with the hose). Cooking would make the house 20 degrees hotter, so we wanted to avoid that at all costs (Although sometimes I bake when it's 100 degrees. Go figure.) We decided that going out for dinner would be best so we went out for pizza. (We're desperately trying to find a local place to the likes of New York. Who are we kidding?)

Lovey and I ordered our thin crust pie and ate it outside the (forgettable) pizza place on a bench with quite a view of the--- parking lot. Eh. Not the best. But  whatever. We had a ball! We talked. We ate. We burned the roof of our mouths. We sipped on Sierra Mist. We enjoyed the moment. And the pizza. (Cause you really can't mess up a cheese pie.)

What a happy summer's eve it was! And you know, I don't mind the heat so much as long as I get to share a happy meal with Lovey. Lets make a tradition out of this. It's my favorite.


  1. OMG. All this food is making me hungry. UGH!!!

    Follow my new blog babe. I swear I won't delete this one :)


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