Insta-Lately: Mostly hair.

Well. It's been pretty hectic the last 2 weeks. Actually. I'm still trying to figure out where August went. But Anywho.. Here are some Instas of what I've been doing lately. (Instas... Lately... Insta-Lately. Get it?)
A. Shakeology: So I got a sample packet in Vanilla flavor. YES! It filled me up. But it had a bad aftertaste. Have you tried any flavors?

B. The latter part of this week has been considerably cooler.. Okay.. so instead of 90 it was 85...But a girl has to have her Fall, no matter HOW. So I wore a scarf for the first time in a while. I was a happy camper.

C. Just a "before & after" of my hair in the morning. No big deal.

D. Mah face. No wait. My hurr. I got highlights. Can you tell? If not, check out my latest YouTube video to see the highlights in action...

E. I went to a wedding. T'was lovely.

F. I curled my hair for the wedding, but it fell totally flat cause there was too much wind and moisture near the beach. Boo.

G. New iPhone case. Found at the 99 Cent Store! WHAT? Sooo cute!

H. Also found these awkward plates... Seriously?!! Who would eat off those?

I. Been decorating my room.. I need to do something with that empty white space between the bed and the twinkles.

J. A screen shot from my first public YouTube video.

Happy Thursday Prettypies!


  1. Love the highlights! I got some a few months ago and they haven't really faded. I get a lot of compliments on them.

  2. Love it all!! Wonderful haul you got! I want some Elf stuff and curlers! I am so going there!!


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