Hair Tutorial: Earthquake-Proof Braid

When I first conjured up this hair tutorial, I thought a good title would be "Disappearing Hair Braid" cause that's exactly what it looks like... But upon further evaluation, I think a better name for this kind of hairstyle is Earthquake-Proof Hair Braid. Check it out to see what I mean ...

TELLING YOU! No natural disaster will make that braid fall out! ;) Thanks for watching friends!

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PPS. Desperately need nightstands! Oh my word!
PPPS. Have I mentioned I hate earthquakes?

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  1. Love your videos! Look at you all pro with music and everything. Speaking of earthquakes, I'm waiting for the next big earthquake because it's been awhile! (knock on wood). Are you wearing lipstick? what color/brand is it? so pretty!


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