Girl Lessons: Hydrating Sheet Masks

Remember I said I needed girl lessons and how!? Well this is the part where I tell you about my experience (thus far) with sheet masks (AKA Hydrating cloth masks, essence masks, or lotion cloth masks. I'm not really sure what they're called. So lets call them girly ghost masks.) The first week of July I purchased 2 sets of 10 masks on Amazon for $19.95 ($10.99 each) . They took almost 3 weeks to arrive cause I think they were coming from Korea. I'm an impatient girl so whilst waiting for my order, I purchased some from Target to try (Couldn't wait to get my moisture on, I guess? Ha!) The brand was Que Bella (I think!) and each mask was about $2 and found in the spa section.

I will tell you more about my experience, but first, here's how these girly ghost masks work.


-Wash face with a facial cleanser. (I use Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin)

-If you exfoliate, now would be a good time.

-Use toner and a cotton pad to clean off any remaining dirt and oil. (I use Neutrogena's Pore Refining Toner).

-Carefully tear package, unfold mask, and apply for 30 minutes.

-Remove mask from face and toss used mask in nearest waste receptacle (Yup. I took it to that level.)

-Do NOT rinse your face.

-Rub remaining product on your face and neck.


My Experience & Opinions

-Taking the sheet out of the packaging is always stressful for me for two reasons. 1. While I haven't torn any masks, it always feels like I'm going to as I'm opening the package and or unfolding the mask 2. BOTH sides are goopy with product, so I never know which side goes down. Up? Down? Up? Down? STRESS!!! Just pick a side and GO FOR IT! 

-During the 30 minutes my face gets really cold. This is good to do on a hot day.

-When time was up, I rubbed the product into my skin and it felt a little sticky (both brands). This feeling went away after a few minutes.

-The only difference I noticed between the two brands was size and amount of product on the sheets. The ones from Amazon covered more of my cheeks and had more product than the Target kind. (I have big cheeks, what can I say?)

-Amazon ghost masks had more "flavors" (Honey, Seaweed, Herb, Pearl, Green Tea, Caviar, Etc). Target had about 3 variations, and they weren't very specific. They were described as revitalizing mask, rejuvenating mask, and one I can't remember. (Isn't rejuvenating and revitalizing  the same thing?)

-I haven't noticed anything different between the different flavors of masks. The smell, texture, and result are the same for all types.

 -I really LOVE how convenient they are. No rinsing involved? I'm all about that for several reasons. Mainly, I can't rinse my face without splattering my bathroom mirror with water.  Water spots on my mirror?? Can't handle.

-The Amazon brand came with an extra mask! Not sure if it was a promotion or if they always do that.

- I currently use the masks about 2-3 times a week.

-Overall I like how soft and hydrated my skin felt after the sticky feeling went away. In fact, I'll keep using this product as part of my new (and first) official skin regimen.

Have you tried them? If so what was your experience? If you haven't tried these masks then YES, I highly recommend you get some... They're fun, easy to use, and super affordable. Also if you ever have a spa theme party or if you're giving someone a spa gift basket, I'd recommend popping a few in there. They're fun and good to scare nieces with! ;)

Now lets take a moment to look at some pictures of me trying to be "sepsy" in my sheet mask. HOTNESS, right? Bahaha!

With or without the sheet mask... I just can't do sexy. Haha! Oh well.

PS. First two people to comment on this post (US Residents only) will get one mask in the mail! Shh! Hopefully you read until the very end! Good luck!

This blog post WAS NOT sponsored by any company, brand, or person. I was not paid or given this product for this review. These statements  are solely my opinions and thoughts based on my personal experience. Try at your own risk.


  1. Now that is just lovely. AHAHAHHA!

  2. I have -always- wanted to try these but I admit, I found them a little bit daunting. But since you've had such a good experience, I think I might find one and give it a whirl! Also, totes looking schmexy ;)

  3. Hey Jannette I got the comment on my blog, and I'm not allowed to give out my address to get the masks. Thanks anyway!


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