Family Friday

This Friday night Lovey and I went to his auntie's house. She lives in a swanky part of town and she's neighbors with her city mayor... Like what? Who is neighbors with their mayor?!! Apparently Lovey's relatives. That's who! Wow! So anyway, let me let you in on a secret about get togethers. Whenever Lovey and I are invited to a gathering we eat beforehand 80% of the time. Why? Well, the worst is going to a party where you're starving and someone says the food won't be ready for 2 hours. Or we've also been to parties where there wasn't enough food, or no food at all, so we end up going out to eat afterwards. lol Yup, we're fat kids who can't enjoy themselves if hungry. (Hanger much?) Yes!

(More on food and party etiquette later, cause much needs to be said.)

Needless to say, I'm glad we ate beforehand because the food was served around 10:30PM. I'm not complaining (although I rarely eat past 7PM) because the food was DELICIOUS and worth the wait! Just look at this feast! Kebab Koobideh, roasted tomatoes, and maast moosir! Oh Persian glory!

And as usual Lovey and I spent most of the time with the kids. I seriously have more in common with children than adults. That's probably a bad thing on some level...But you know what it is? There's no judgement with kids. They don't pretend to like you. They don't analyze whether your nail polish is chipped, they don't (usually) ask why you don't have any kids yet or if you say something really dumb, they laugh. It's just easier for me. I'm such an awkward girl sometimes. (Can anyone relate?)

Overall I enjoyed myself and it was nice to see everyone.(Also I'm  happy that Lovey and I are making a conscious effort to spend more time with family.) Oh yeah. And this...

Cream puffs make the world go round.

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