Chalk Art: Don't Be Offended

Remember a few weeks ago I attempted to make a realistic chalk drawing of Voda the Mermaid who had a boating accident? Well, I wanted to pursue chalk art a bit further because it's quite fun and relaxing to doodle with such a manageable medium. This time I attempted a likeness of Lovey... Hopefully no one is offended by the evolution of this portrait. It's quite natural actually. Lovey is a huge fan of early Christian history and art. I just had to transform him into a saint cause it had that Byzantine period  "look", you know?

Oh yeah, I also drew a rose. Haha!
I'm going to attempt another portrait soon, but meanwhile, I have to purchase more chalk!

PS. I sincerely hope no one is offended. That was not my intention.
PPS. Have a good weekend!

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  1. That is a great, fun portrait. Those chalk drawings would look cool if you print the photos and frame them!


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