Strokes. Stress. Swimming.

Remember last Friday I mentioned a doozy of a week that just needed to end? Well, it finally has, but it's bittersweet and bizarre and just CRAZY! Two members of our extended family had strokes..days apart...One happened while walking IN OUR DOOR, and the other happened a few miles from where we live. Both ended up in the same hospital and in the ICU just a few rooms from each other... One is on the way to making a full recovery and sadly, the other passed away. *sigh*  It was a loong, emotional week. Lots of highs, lots of lows. That's the way life goes it seems. We are happy and sad at all once.

As you can imagine, Lovey and I were stressed out, emotional wrecks so we ended up going out of town. (Actually, we had previously planned the trip before everything happened) We spent the weekend with his mom and grandparents in hotter-than-heck Arizona... And it was just what we needed. We got to my mother-in-love's house at 1AM... But did we go to bed even though we were tired to the bone? NOPE! We went swimming until the wee hours of the morning. And guys...It. Was. Glorious!

Eat. Swim. Sleep. Repeat. That's pretty much what we did all weekend. And maybe it sounds selfish, but we desperately needed to disconnect from the drama and unwind. At least for a day. And you would think I would've taken pictures of our trip, but I didn't. I just needed to focus on floating.. Except this. I thought this was hilarious:

 Well friends, have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

PS. As soon as you notice someone's speech is impaired take them to the hospital! STAT! Even if they can reach, and smile, and raise eyebrows! Take them if they begin walking funny or stuttering. Could save their lives!


  1. My grandmother had a stroke a few years back. She is still in denial about it. And her arm is still a little limp.

    Sorry to hear about your loss love :(

  2. oh my gosh Janette, that's awful! i'm so sorry this has happened and especially how gutting that must have been for you guys in your own home. such strife and i can't imagine the way you're entire family's reeling over all this. i am glad to know you got away for a bit b/c it is important to take time to grieve, disconnect and also reflect in the privacy of either your own company or the ones you trust the most. being near the water (or in it!) is so soothing, i wholeheartedly agree! xo ♥


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