Dearest NY...

Ever Dearest New York,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You were good to me and my Lovey on our 5 year anniversary trip. Sure you were hot and muggy and you soaked us to the bone during that one rainstorm that came out of NO WHERE, but other than that, you were glorious and gracious to us. I think of you fondly every time I go potty. (Not so weird when you realize that I printed and hung this picture in my bathroom.) We're cool still, right?

Ahh! How I love that picture... And this one too.

Yorkie, you've got some amazing views...And you know what else you've got that's good? PIZZA! We ate pizza every day while visiting, and you know... I don't even care. I miss your pizza more than anything. I can almost taste this piece below..

What don't I miss? Hmm.. Blisters and achy feet from walking! Yup, we should've rented bikes or segways or maybe had more bandaids on hand. But I guess that's not your fault.

 But aside from that, I've got no complaints, oh wait.. Except for your subway ovens (It must've been at least 115 degrees down there..)... And all that scaffolding every where. Really? Is that necessary? Can you talk to someone about that maybe? (Let me know what they say.) Anywho, I hope to see you really soon, and I also hope that you miss us. Do you even remember what we look like? No? Well we were probably the smiliest, happiest couple you've ever seen...And I was wearing black Nikes and carrying a black backpack. Ring a bell?(I won't be offended if you don't. It's fine.)

Well, you know that I like to keep things short...So....
Hope to see you again soon...


Please don't use or take my pictures without permission or I'll be ticked. Like. Fuming. So just don't.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... pizza!!!

    I want to go to NY so bad! Mainly for the coffee, food, cronuts... yah. OH! and the thrift shops!!!

    Take me with you next time!


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