10 Random Things: Vans, Vertigo, & Veggie Spiralizers.

Hello friends! Is it Feliz Friday yet? Dude! Tomorrow can't get here quick enough. Just can't take this week anymore. It's been a doozy! But anywho. Don't want to bore you with that.. I simply wanted to share some randomness.. Random picture above? Check! Random thoughts below? Check! Lets get started...

1. Almost forgot my login information for my blog. Yup. It's officially been too long.

2. You know what I'm going to say from now on? "Just serious". It's like "Just kidding", but more serious ;)

3. It really bothers me having shampoo and body wash bottles on the four corners of my tub. I must put an end to that.

4. I had a dream that I was in a warehouse and in the middle of it I saw myself...except 100 lbs lighter and with bulging muscles. I was RIPPED and it was uhhhhhmazing.

5. Okay. So sometimes when you enter a public restroom you realize the person before you just delivered a doodoo... That situation in and of itself stinks already. (No pun intended.) But what makes it WORSE is when you exit and a stranger is waiting...Ugh! You know she or he always thinks you're the one who made the stinky. The shame!

6. Guess what I got as a souvenir for myself from New York??? VERTIGO! Ugh. Ever since we got back from my trip I feel like I'm still on the subway/airplane/elevator throughout the day. Not fun.

7. I wore a casual dress yesterday with my gray Vans... My boss laughed at me...But I don't know why.. Can you not wear Vans with dresses??? I thought I looked cute :-| Boo!

8. Started drinking water "spiked" with apple cider vinegar and chia seeds. It's drinkable and makes my tummy feel happy.

9. I really want a veggie spiralizer! Like..BAD! Raw zucchini pasta would complete me!

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  1. Vans are awesome. Yes. Absolutely.

    I hate it when people drop bombs like that in the RR... courtesy flush yo!!!

    I have vertigo. I developed it after having Abby.. I feel like I have a permanent high. No fun.

  2. Haha love the list. A veggie spiralizer is totally on my wishlist!


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